What Are Care Calls?

The senior population continues to grow in the U.S. — and that means there are more elderly folks who are living alone. In many cases, these individuals do not have family members living nearby who can check on their well-being. If they fall or experience a medical emergency, they might not be able to get to the phone and call for help. It’s possible no one will become aware of their plight — until it’s too late.

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Call Reassurance Services Can Give You Peace of Mind

If you have an elderly parent or a loved one who lives alone, having access to a call reassurance service can give you peace of mind. But what is call reassurance?

It’s a telephone check-in service for seniors that entails a well-trained operator calling the home to make sure everything is okay. Besides performing a wellness check, these compassionate representatives can also provide reminders about taking medications and upcoming appointments or simply engage the seniors in a friendly and uplifting conversation.

How to Get Daily Check-in Calls for Seniors

Towne Monitoring Services is pleased to offer TowneCare — a reliable and affordable telephone service to check on elderly people living alone. Our caring operators will make regularly scheduled calls to your loved one to make sure they’re doing well.

We can customize the call frequency to meet your needs and preferences, too. Our packages range from one call per day during the business week to three calls per day, every day of the week.

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What Types of “Are You OK?” Service Are Available?

We offer two types of wellness phone check services:

  • Care Calls: This service consists of live reassurance calls made by our operators to your loved one. Our representative will provide reminders about medications, appointments, and meals and engage in general conversation about what they’re doing and how they’re feeling. If we’re unable to reach your loved one, we will immediately get in touch with you or your designated point of contact.
  • Monitored Check-in Calls: Monitored calls offer a cost-effective option that does not involve live operator interaction. With this automated service, you select a time of day and a suitable “window” for the loved one to make a check-in call. For instance, suppose the senior is scheduled to call in at 10 a.m. and the window is two hours. Our system will automatically look for a call received by noon. If your loved one hasn’t called in, we can attempt to reach them or simply notify you or your designated contact.

Who Can Benefit From Our Care Call Services?

Our services are an excellent choice for adult children who live far away from an elderly parent and who want to make sure that someone is checking in on them. They also serve the needs of people who live alone and want someone to check on their well-being, or individuals who have a chronic medical condition.

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