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Automated Care Calls

Automated Care Calls vs Live Operator Care Calls

Having a daily point of contact with someone is a great way to know they are OK and at the same time give them a sense of security all while maintaining independence.  But maybe a Live Operator Call is too intrusive and/or too expensive.  An Automated Care Call or Text from Towne Monitoring might be just the right fit and do it cost effectively with only some simple clicks of a button on your phone. 

Care Calls can help ease family and friends concerns for the well-being of their loved one.  People that live alone with pets may simply want to ensure their pets will be cared for if something should happen along the way.

Towne uses an advanced text-to-speech engine – that is heard when your call comes in.  Completely customized to your needs – what is said in the message, what time the call comes in, how many calls per day – even what days.  The options are yours to decide.  Those options include:

    • How many calls per day (1-4)
    • Which days of the week (1-7)
    • What would you like your message to say (different messages can be used)
    • Wait how long between calls (10-60 min)*
    • What number should we call (_______________)
      • If no answer should we call it again (Y/N)
        • How many times to try (1-3)
      • If no answer, should we try another number (cell perhaps?)
      • If still no answer –
        • How many contacts would you like to have called (1-X)
            • If still no answer, our care specialists will be alerted upon the last unsuccessful call and attempt to reach you at your primary number and if unsuccessful can even dispatch a well-check with local authorities if arranged prior.

*Actually, this is 10 minutes to multiple hours if desired.  However, keep in mind that this interval affects all initial auto events attempted.

Automated Care Calls are an inexpensive and easy way to maintain contact, send medication reminders, even end of day reminders.  Living alone can be challenging sometimes.  Perhaps family is not near or even more simply they just don’t want to burden anyone with the task.  Our system can help in any or all of those situations.

But – it’s NOT just an automated system.  If you should not respond to our system, our care specialists will get involved and attempt to reach you one more time before moving on to reach one of your contacts to check on you.  We call it our hybrid system.  Do you know of an automated system that still has a personal touch like that?

Other Uses

What time does your child get home from school each day?  What if you can’t be there to greet them and don’t have easy access to a device that you can be contacted on?  Latch Key Kids – they are alone just for a few hours, probably playing video games or doing their homework, but you want to be certain that they are safely home.  Our Automated Care Calls are a perfect match!

Do you have pets at home with you?  Pets make great companions for sure.  But that can be like infants too – you have to feed them, clean up after them, and of course love them.  Who will do that if you can’t?  Automated Care Calls ensure that someone will be available to check-in not only with you but them as well.


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Why Make Towne Monitoring Service Your Choice for Automated Care Calls?

Located in Souderton, Pennsylvania, Towne has more than 65 years of experience providing high-quality products and services for our customers. Our mission is to be the preferred supplier of monitoring services based on our commitment to providing customized solutions, proactive customer service and unmatched value. We achieve this by providing a seamless integration of people and technology.

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