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Well-Check Care Call Services for Seniors with Towne Monitoring

As parents and loved ones age, more of the care giving responsibilities fall to children. However, your life is busy with your own responsibilities and you may not be able to check in with your loved one as often as you want.


Trust Towne to help you care for your loved ones with our daily check-in call service for seniors. Our Well-Check Care Calls are available throughout the United States, and can even be used in situations other than aging family members.

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Well-Check Care Call Services – Not Just for Seniors

While our Well-Check Care Call services are often used as a phone check-in service for senior citizens by adult children who are concerned about their aging parents, our invaluable services are employed by people in many other scenarios. If you live alone and work from home, for instance, you may want someone to check on your well-being every day, especially if your work or daily routine doesn’t involve a lot of interaction with other people.

Here are some additional situations in which you may want to use our Well-Check Care Call services:

  • Chronic Conditions: If you have a close friend or loved one who suffers from a chronic condition such as diabetes or fibromyalgia, you can make sure they’re okay every day by using our wellness call services. If your family member needs to take medicine daily to control their condition, you can include a reminder for them to take their medication in the wellness calls you schedule.
  • Recovery: If a family member is recovering from surgery or was recently released from a health care facility after receiving another kind of treatment, you can check in with them daily using our services. You and the other people on your contact list can receive a notice that your loved one responded to our call via email or text message if so desired as well.
  • Pets: Our pets are a great source of companionship – and most of us consider them to be a part of the family.  They rely on us for their care.  Care calls can alert to any need to maintain your pets care as well as your own.

Three Types of Calls

We offer three kinds of wellness phone check services: a live call service and two more automated senior check-in call services. While our live call service is more expensive than our automated service, it provides a human connection, which can be a lifesaver both physically and emotionally. When our operators place live wellness calls, they’re able to listen for signs that someone is distressed, disoriented or unwell in some way. During live calls, our operators connect with people who live alone and help them know that they’re not really alone at all. Our operators are also able to provide critical reminders about doctor appointments and medication.


We always want the best for our loved ones, whether it’s our grandparents or great-aunts and uncles. For busy families or ones living out of town, it’s a challenge to make sure the seniors of your family are doing well — that’s where our Well-Check Care Calls come in to help. With our Well-Check Care Calls, our compassionate team of representatives makes daily reassurance calls. While we often provide reminders for meals, medication and appointments, we also talk to your family member about how they’re doing and what they’re up to today. And if we can’t reach your loved one, our team will contact you or another designated contact. Our Well-Check Care Calls not only give you the peace of mind that your family member is looked after but also the knowledge that they’re talking to someone who’s compassionate and loves what they do — talking to your loved one and ensuring they’re doing well. At TowneCare, we offer customized Well-Check Care Calls to meet your family’s needs. Have our U.S. representatives call one to three times a day for reminders, wellness check or everyday conversation. Whatever your family needs, we can help. Plans start at $49.95.

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Our Automated Care Call service is designed for those that don’t feel the need to talk to a live operator but still want to know that they can summon help should the need be present.

Without daily live-operator interaction, this service allows the user to pick the time of day to receive a simple and fast check-in call. Our system will place an automated call to you at your predetermined time.  If you don’t answer and acknowledge the call, our system can call back or try your cell phone, or both. If those calls are unsuccessful, then our system will attempt to call your contacts.  But rest assured, if that endeavor is still unsuccessful, then our operators will get involved.  They will attempt to reach you one last time. In the event that all those calls are unsuccessful, then our operators will call and request a well check from authorities or whatever prior arrangement has been made.

Perhaps you don’t want to hear your phone ring, but would rather get a text message?

We can send you a text instead of a call.  You would simply reply to the text.  Done.  No need to talk, almost no interruption to the task at hand. As with the call system above, if you don’t text back, then we will attempt to call your contacts.

Plans start at $19.95/mn with customized schedules available.

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Live Call vs Automated – Click Here For more info


Our monitored check-in service is for those you want more flexibility in call schedule and want to be in control of placing the call.

Again, without daily live-operator interaction, this service quite simply allows the user to pick the time of day to call in and an allowable window of time to be able to do so. As an example, if a 9am check-in is desired and a 2-hour window is allowed, our system will look for a call to be received between 9 and 11am. If that window closes without a call, then our operators will attempt to reach you or your contacts. This service works using your caller-ID and we can list multiple numbers for your account (Home, Cell, Cabin, etc) so there is no need to call from the same number all the time. Simply call in, follow the prompts to press 1, and hang up. Pretty easy!

Plans start at $14.95/mn with customized schedules available.

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