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General Care Call FAQs

Who can benefit from Care Calls?

People of all ages can benefit from our service. We have made calls for seniors, disabled individuals, people with chronic health issues, older adults living alone with pets, older adults caring for their partner, people grieving recent loss, and more.


What is better – a live operator based calling service or an automated system?

Automated systems are useful sometimes, but we believe strongly that a machine will never be as good as a friendly voice. One of the main benefits of live operator care calls is that an automated service cannot “hear” the person and get a feel for when something doesn’t seem right, as well as provide valuable social interaction.


What happens if a client doesn’t answer the phone?

If a client doesn’t answer the phone, we will attempt to call them back within the hour. If there is no response, we will leave a message containing any necessary reminders and call the contact informing them that we were unable to reach the client.


What if you detect a problem during a call?

If the client complains that they not feeling well, we will advise that they seek medical attention. We will also inform their designated contact. In the event of an emergency while we are on a call, we will immediately contact local authorities in the event that the client cannot.


Can you send an email to designated contact with regular updates?

Upon request, we can provide daily or weekly recap email updates.


Can I have multiple contacts on file?

We require that you have at least two contacts on file. Whether they are a family member, friend or neighbor is up to you. Other options may be a care giver or the building manager and/or local police department. We do request at least one of your contacts is local to you.


Where are you located & can you call anywhere?

Towne is located in Souderton, Pennsylvania. All of our operators work out of our Souderton office. Our call service is available nationwide.


Automated Check-In FAQs

Why was this service created?

Some clients want the security of checking-in each day without having to talk to someone.


Who is this service intended for?

This works best for people who do not need reminders, do not wish to talk, but simply want to check-in. This service is also very handy for people with pets to ensure that they remain cared for.


What time should I check-in?

Your check-in window will be determined with you at the time your account is set-up.  It can be any time you desire, with any timeframe window to check-in.


How do I check-in?

We will provide you with a toll free number.  You simply call that number and press the appropriate button on your phone when prompted.


What happens when I call?

You will be greeted by our automated voice menu. Simply press the number 5 on your phone keypad, wait for the tone, and then hang up.


Can I check-in every other day, or once a month?

You can check-in every day, every other day, once a week, once a month… whatever works for your schedule. Please note that the price for this service does not change regardless of how often you wish to check-in.


What happens if I don’t check-in?

If we don’t receive your check-in message by the agreed upon time, we will attempt to contact you via phone. If we cannot reach you, we will then inform your contact(s) and follow whatever instructions you have specified.


Billing FAQs

What payment forms do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards or e-check. If you are unable to use those methods, please call us at 1-877- 392-6450. We can arrange to for you to pay by check.


How does billing work?

Your credit card (provided during signup confirmation process) will be automatically billed each month.


Can I temporarily suspend my service?

If you need to temporarily suspend service, you may do so by contacting us at 1-877-392-6450 or by sending an email to Please bear in mind, we will make no calls until you contact us again to re-start.


Can I cancel at any time?

There are no contracts or commitments. You may cancel at anytime. We do not offer partial refunds for days of unused service however, so if you must cancel, try to do so at the end of the current billing cycle.


I know someone that needs this, but can’t afford it.

If you, or someone you know, needs our service but cannot afford the standard pricing, we will try to work with you to create a plan that fits your budget. Please give us a call at 1-877-392-6450.