mEARS Information Submission

Thank you for choosing Towne Monitoring Service as your Mobile Emergency Response provider! We look forward to working with you to set up your account . If you have any questions along the way - please don't hesitate to contact us.

Please take a few minutes and fill out this form so that we can get started on programming your account(s). Be sure to provide as much information as possible. We will review your document after its submitted and contact you if we have any questions. Once we review your information and have all of the details that we need, we will contact you to make payment and delivery arrangements. Thank you!

Specific Information you will need to complete this form:
Information regarding the party to be monitored. This will include company information and contacts (Name and Numbers) to be notified in the event of trouble.
Please note: this form needs to be completed for each separate installation. This mean that if you have three units in one location, shared by multiple people, you will only need one form. However, if you have multiple locations, or multiple jobs in one location, we will need separate forms for each instance.

Okay - now that we have gathered information regarding who we will be monitoring, we'll head to the next page for emergency contact information.