Does your business depend on the job functions performed by remote or on-the-go workers? Are you concerned about their safety, especially if they are engaged in high-risk, potentially dangerous tasks? It’s possible that a sudden injury or illness could disable your lone workers and place their lives in jeopardy. Even worse, no one would become aware of the situation and be able to send help — until it’s too late.

What Is A Man Down Alarm?

A man down alarm is a device that tracks location and can send an alert to a live monitor if a worker activates the system.

A Man Down Alarm From Towne Tracking Can Be a Lifesaver

Towne Tracking can provide a state-of-the-art man down alarm system that will help keep your lone workers safe and put your mind at ease. A man down alarm is an intuitive device that can monitor your employees’ movements throughout the workday. The device will send an immediate alert to a live monitor if a worker falls or activates the system. We can then dispatch medical assistance or other first responders to the worker’s location if needed. Device can be worn with a belt clip to further enhance the functionality as well. 

What Types of Workers Can Benefit From a Man Down Alarm System?

Man down alarms can provide lifesaving benefits for various types of lone workers, including:

  • Traveling Employees: Salespeople, delivery personnel and truck drivers who spend most or all of their workday on the road
  • Remote Field Workers: Individuals who spend their day visiting remote locations or working alone in the field in potentially hazardous environments
  • Isolated Manufacturing Workers: Employees who work in remote regions of a manufacturing shop, especially when working with dangerous equipment or machinery or in areas where slipping and falling poses a significant risk

  • Lab Workers: Individuals who work alone in laboratories while handling toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials
  • Remote Office Workers: Employees who work in one-person branch offices or solo outposts
  • Employees With Pre-Existing Medical Conditions: Any employee with a health condition that could render them unresponsive

We Support Our Man Down Alarm Systems With Professional 24/7/365 Monitoring

If something happens to one of your employees, you’ll have the comfort of knowing Towne Tracking is on top of the situation. Our team includes professional, frequently trained monitoring personnel who will take prompt action when necessary. Our systems include advanced technology and multiple built-in redundancies to ensure maximum uptime and reliability. We take pride in our ability to provide seamless integration of people and technology.

Learn More About How a Man Down System From Towne Tracking Can Keep Your Lone Workers Safe

Don’t take chances with something as important as the safety of your workforce. Contact Towne Tracking for more information about the benefits of our man down alarm systems today.