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Towne Tracking Service provides peace of mind for caregivers and lone workers located in the United States. Ours Protect and Locate Wandering Prevention and Emergency Alert tracking technology uses a radio receiver and a discreet, GPS-enabled cellular wristwatch that has a secure, lockable strap. In addition to being a monitor, the wristwatch is a fully functioning watch, which allows the person wearing it to retain their dignity.
Whether you’re tending to a child with special needs, a parent with memory challenges or a loved one who gets confused easily, our advanced, portable technology can help you know where they are at all times. When you can monitor your loved one’s movements on your smartphone or computer, you can enjoy greater freedom by using our 24/7 monitoring service.

Lone workers – real estate agents, remotely located employees, service workers – all have one security issue in common – they work alone. Utilizing Towne Tracking’s technology enables that work not only the ability to ask for help in the event of an emergency, but to have their location sent at the same time, enabling a safer working environment.

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