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Your company might depend on the services of remote or on-the road employees. These individuals are capable of performing at a high level with little or no supervision. But these lone workers can be presented with various safety concerns for both themselves and their employers.

If you’re unable to pinpoint the exact location of your workers, how can you be sure that everything is okay? And employees who are always on the road or working at isolated job sites often face additional hazards that do not exist in an office of closely monitored facility. If something happens, there might not be anyone nearby who can help.

What is a Lone Worker

Towne Tracking Service provides peace of mind for employers and their lone workers located in the United States. Our Emergency Alert tracking technology uses cellular if need be GPS signals to enable the user to summon help. 

Lone workers – real estate agents, remotely located employees, hotel staff, service workers – all have one security issue in common – they work alone. Utilizing Towne Tracking’s technology enables that work not only the ability to ask for help in the event of an emergency, but to have their location sent at the same time, enabling a safer working environment.

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Towne Tracking – Keeping Lone Workers Safe

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Towne Tracking Service Offers Lone Worker Safety That Can Put Your Mind at Ease

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