What is an mPERS Device?

MPERS is an acronym for Mobile Personal Emergency Response Device. These devices operate on a cellular network and are wireless, which provides an enhanced sense of both independence and security. These devices are also referred to as Mobile PERS, MPERS, Cellular PERS or Wireless PERS.

mPERS – Mobile Personal Emergency Response

LIBRIS is a cellular mobile pendant that allows you to continue an active independent lifestyle – whether On The Go or At Home – and yet remain connected to the safety and security of Emergency Response if ever needed.  Utilizing the AT&T cellular network, LIBRIS features both GPS and ‘Location Based Service’ technologies as well as Advanced Fall Detection.

Easy to use, easy to charge, the integrated loudspeaker and microphone allows our operator to speak directly with you in the event the system is activated.  Simple one button operation, or automatic fall initiation, will put you in contact with our staff.

Libris mPERS Features 

Why Consider a Mobile Alert System?

LIBRIS will work great at home, in the yard, on vacation – anywhere there is sufficient cell coverage.  At the push of a button, help is at your finger tips.  Simply press the button for 2 seconds and the LIBRIS will vibrate and connect you to our operations center.


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Mobile PERS Device with Advanced Fall Detection

Using four different sensors built into the pendant, LIBRIS’ advanced automatic fall detection and cloud-based fall detection analysis can accurately determine if a fall has occurred and automatically contact our operations center for you. 

Note: No system can ever accurately detect 100% of fall events, regardless of what is advertised.  There is no perfect substitution for pushing the button.

Location, Location, Location

If need be – and only in the case of emergency – location can be determined using the GPS and or Location Based Service coordinates of your LIBRIS pendant.  Help can then be sent to you – where you are. 

As with all location-based services, it may not always be possible to determine your location. Multi-level buildings, parking garages, and even dense urban areas can make it difficult for satellites and cell phone towers to locate your exact location. In an emergency, please provide our operator with as much information as possible about your location.



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Note: LIBRIS is a cellular device. As with all cellular devices, for proper operation, adequate cellular coverage is required. Poor cellular coverage may result in the inability to place a call or automatically detect a fall.