Automatic Pill Dispenser Device for Seniors

Many seniors rely on medications for treating chronic medical conditions and maintaining optimal health. However, taking multiple medications simultaneously can cause confusion, which can lead to missed dosages and potentially dangerous drug interactions. And if seniors live alone, there is no one there to help them keep everything on the proper schedule.

Does this type of reminder really work?  All the time??

Towne Monitoring Service Can Provide a Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser for Seniors

A monitored automatic pill dispenser from Towne Monitoring Service can eliminate the hassles and worries from the medication administration process. Our MedReady product is a timed-alarm system that alerts the senior when it’s time to take a scheduled dosage. 

The dispenser can hold up to 28 doses and can be programmed to deliver one to four doses per day. Each dispenser compartment can hold as many as nine pills the size of an M&M candy piece.

Automatic Medication Dispenser with Alarm – How It Works

When it’s time to take a pill, the device uses an audible alarm and a flashing light to notify the patient. The patient then opens the medication door (which also disables the alarm and light), takes the pill from the dispenser and closes the door.

Our Medready products come in both landline and cellular versions, a version that integrates directly with our MXD PERS units, as well an unmonitored timed dispenser model. While the basic function remains the same with all four versions, there are certain advantages/disadvantages to each that we would be more than happy to discuss with you.

The stored medication remains under lock and key, which makes the dispenser 100% tamper-resistant.

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