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I used to work in a customer service environment. I was the one counted on to communicate with our top customers. I have to say, what top notch customer service you have, seriously, top notch. I couldn’t word things any better even if I had a week to come up with a letter/msg to a one million dollar a month client.  It is a pleasure to deal with Towne…..

Customer Service

I can’t say enough good things about Towne Monitoring Service! My mom relied on your services three to four times while she lived alone, and you were life savers! I will refer anyone who is in need of such monitoring services to your organization. Thank you so much for everything!!

Personal Medical Alarm

A year ago we switched from XXX Security to Towne Monitoring and have been delighted with the responsiveness as well as the BIG cost savings. We highly recommend Towne Monitoring Service!

– Client Services Provider

Alarm Services

“The med dispenser has been a blessing for my mom! She hasn’t taken an extra dose since we put it in – thank you so much!”

Mom’s Medications

“Thank you so much for taking care of my mom.  It really meant a lot to us knowing that she could reach us anytime even though we couldn’t always be there with her.”

PERS for Mom

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