Business Monitoring Category

“We just tested and works perfectly. I am thrilled. I really thought this would never happen, it’s taken so long to pull off. (Editors note: Not on our part!) Your company has been wonderful!”

Elevator Monitoring Client

Business Monitoring

“I’d like to meet and discuss what other programs you may be able to offer our residents.  Our resident living nurse speaks so highly of you and your program…..”

Retirement Community Services

“We always love to save money, and enjoy working with you…..”

PERS Provider

“Our client has really come to depend on your daily calls – and she really enjoys speaking with your staff too.  Thank you – “

Care Calls

“Our thought for the future is to move away from heading directly to an apartment and assessing residents.  Our end goal is to send the alert over to a company like yours to speak with the resident and discern the needs of the resident. We believe that Towne would be a good solution for us…..”

Facility Monitoring

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