Independent Living Facility Monitoring

If you operate a healthcare or independent living facility, you understand the importance of being responsive to your patients’ or residents’ needs. But the heavy burdens placed on nurses, aides and other staff members can make a rapid response difficult, if not impossible, at times.

Towne Monitoring Service offers advanced monitoring systems for Independent Living Facilities that will help you deliver the high level of care your residents deserve while reducing your liability risk. We’ll work with you to develop a customized and cost-effective plan that’s tailored to your facility and your operating procedures.

Why Are Monitoring Solutions Important for Seniors?

Emergency call systems for assisted living can be a highly effective way to protect seniors while still giving them freedom in their daily lives. Senior living facility monitoring can help decrease medical issues by employing monitoring capabilities to promptly identify if a resident begins experiencing concerning symptoms. With this system, your facility can also help prevent falls and provide prompt medical assistance if a senior does slip or fall.

Rapid response in an emergency can make all the difference in providing appropriate treatments and even saving lives. Establishing a monitoring system in assisted living facilities can give caregivers peace of mind and provide added protection for residents.

Residents with many different health issues can benefit from monitoring systems. If a senior has a chronic condition such as diabetes, monitoring can allow caregivers to quickly identify severely low or high blood sugar and provide appropriate treatments. For seniors who may experience heart failure or have recently recovered from a stroke, a monitoring system allows medical personnel to identify serious mobility issues or other indications of a severe condition requiring immediate care.

Independent Living Monitoring Systems Offer Peace of Mind

Monitoring can give peace of mind to caregivers, residents and their families. When a caregiver cannot be present, residents still have access to a trusted system to communicate and ask for help. With secure systems to help protect residents, families can be confident their loved ones will receive prompt care and attention in case of an emergency. These systems can also allow family members to have confidence in your facility and help caregivers prioritize needs and responsibilities more effectively.

When you implement our dependable monitoring systems for your facility, you’ll be alerted promptly if a resident is injured, experiences a sudden medical emergency or becomes disoriented and confused. Your staff can focus on caregiving while knowing your system will call them to the scene of an emergency immediately if needed. With these systems, your entire facility has an added measure of security for residents and personnel.

Customized Independent Living Solutions Tailored to Your Facility

We’ll work with you to develop an affordable and customized action plan that will allow you to better serve your residents while increasing your staff’s productivity and reducing your liability risk. You can choose from any or all of the following assisted-living monitoring systems and services. Just click on the links below to find out more:

Personal Emergency Response Systems: Should residents suffer a fall, experience alarming symptoms or encounter another emergency, the response systems allow for rapid medical response.

Well-Check Phone Calls: With our care call system, anything from a daily check-in, automated call or even live operator calls can be deployed – on a case by case, individualized basis.

Elevator/Building Monitoring: While not directly tied to residents, this monitoring option helps protect seniors who may become trapped or encounter other issues while in your elevators – and of course makes your facility compliant with regulations as well.

“Our thought for the future is to move away from heading directly to an apartment and assessing residents. Our end goal is to send the alert over to a company like yours to speak with the resident and discern the needs of the resident. We believe that Towne would be a good solution for us…..”

Why Choose Independent Living Monitoring Solutions From Towne?

What makes Towne different from other business monitoring services is our continuing focus on blending the talents of our high-quality staff members with state-of-the-art technology. Our systems work side-by-side with your facility and include built-in redundancies to maximize uptime and minimize the risk of failure. No wonder Towne has remained an undisputed industry leader for more than 65 years!

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