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Health Care Facility Care Calls 

Safety and quality of life are of the utmost importance when it comes to residential care. Deploying a care call system for nursing homes and health care facilities can help ensure that your residents are happy, healthy and receiving the care they deserve. At TowneCare, we established our resident check-in system to help give care facility residents the highest possible quality of care. We specialize in delivering customized care solutions comprising a blend of people and technology to provide unbeatable customer service.

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Our Resident Care Call Service for Facilities 

We offer numerous customizable services that can be programmed to serve your residents’ individual needs.



Live Care Specialist Calls 

Through our live calling service, our highly trained care specialists will reach out to your residents over the phone to deliver personalized reminders, check-ins and/or assessments with unlimited customization options. Some of the primary functions of our live calls include: 

Reminders: We can call to remind individuals of medications or meals that are essential to their health and wellness. 

Question and answer prompts: Our operators will initiate friendly conversation with facility residents, asking them how they’re doing, what they’re up to and what their plans are to ensure that they feel cared about and supported. Wellness checks: We often perform morning wellness checks, calling residents early in the day to verify that they’re feeling well and aren’t in need of assistance. 


Automated Outreach 

We can connect with individuals in a simple and non-invasive way through automated calls and text messages. Our automated calls incorporate advanced artificial intelligence (AI) text-to-speech capabilities and touch-tone responses while enabling you to customize prompts individualized to your resident / patients’ needs. Automated texts deliver 150-character messages and include customized response and acknowledgment features.  Our automated outreach systems enable users to program multiple calls or text attempts when residents don’t pick up or respond the first time. We can make additional attempts up to three times with customizable delays between attempts in intervals of 10 minutes. 


Check-In Feature 

Our resident care calls for facilities are available with a user-friendly self-check-in option that gives residents a customized window to confirm their status. This flexible feature includes a choice of voice or text or live responding and this service can be combined with an automated call follow-up to help ensure resident response. An optional report can be provided for staff to check on residents that haven’t responded.  

All of our services feature programmable start and stop dates, along with circumstantial pause features to accommodate travel and other needs.


TowneCare also offers quality assurance surveys, which enable health care providers to create electronic questionnaires that patients can receive weekly or monthly. Our surveys come equipped with touch-tone responses and can be paired with live assistance options. 

Benefits of Our Health Care Call Custom Plan Options 

TowneCare’s individually customizable care call service enables facilities to deliver quality care and maintain expected outcomes like no other platform. Our custom plan options include numerous unique benefits:



  • Each service enables contacts and agency personnel outreach for assistance. 
  • You can back up services with live operator interactions. 
  • All services are compatible with electronic notification delivery. 
  • We offer a pre-programmed emergency services dispatch option. 
  • You can combine any services you choose. 

Invest in a Reliable Resident Check-In System From Towne Today 

You can ensure the highest-quality care for your residents with health care calls from Towne Monitoring. Our customer-oriented company is built on the foundation of honesty, trust and integrity. 

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