Custom Care Calls

Can I benefit from Care Calls?

People of all ages can benefit from a care call or check-in.  We have had our service used by seniors, disabled individuals, people with chronic health issues, older adults living alone with pets, older adults caring for their partner, people grieving recent loss, younger people working remotely, and more.  With almost unlimited options available, we can customize our service to meet almost any need you may have.  Why not find out more – click below to contact us or scroll down for more information.

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What are Care Calls?

Simply put, our call service is a daily point of contact.  Whether we call or text you, or you call or text us, live or automated, it all accomplishes the same goal – a touchpoint of the day.

Perhaps relatives are far away.  Maybe you find yourself in a position of caring for animals.  Possibly you just enjoy the solitude.  Or these days, your work has become remote and you don’t interact with people much anymore.  Whatever the reason – you’ve found yourself here.  Look around, we think you’ll like what we have to offer.


Personalized for Individual Use

Towne offers a complete array of services we can tailor to meet the unique needs of any individual.  From live care specialist calls to automated text check-ins and everything in between.  We can custom tailor any plan to fit your needs.  Mix and match services, customized scheduling allows and event to happen at any time.  We like cookies – but we don’t like cookie cutter approaches to service.  We won’t force you to fit a mold.  You would only like Care Specialist Calls on M, W and F mornings, no problem.  You would like a Text Check-In on weekends?  No problem.  An Auto-Call reminder to take your meds in the evening, no problem.  You would like all of the above – no problem!



Home Health / Independent Living 

How can our service be of use?

Automated morning check-ins can allow positive confirmations.  Multi-number combination of services allow exhaustive opportunity for success without intervention.  No more lights on/off or doorknob hangers to put out/take in.

Daily checks can fill in service voids.  Question & answer dialogue – reminders – simple checks – flexible schedules.  Quality surveys maintain compliance.  Options for both clients and providers.

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