Care Call Service for Health Care Providers

care call service for health care provider

Did you know 27% of Americans aged 60 and older live alone? Tragically, many of today’s elderly are at risk of experiencing a medical emergency alone and possibly not receiving help until it’s too late.

If you are a home health care provider, you should be making care calls to your clients. However, you probably don’t have enough time during the day to make all these calls yourself. Fortunately, we can make these calls for you. Our care call service at TowneCare can help you retain clients and provide them with the high-quality service they deserve.

Ways Health Care Providers Can Use Care Calls

Consider the following ways health care providers can use care calls.

ways healthcare providers can use care calls

1. Supplement Service

The level of service and convenience offered to patients varies depending on whether the health care provider uses a medical call center in their practice. A call center can help assure patients that they always have access to care. To help enable the process of communicating with patients to go smoothly, a well-check care call service like TowneCare can set up reminders for appointments, medication reminders and calls for follow-ups and check-ins. Health care providers can also use email support to check in with patients regularly.

Client satisfaction is a central component of any industry. Providing accurate and timely information to your patients is crucial to your patients’ well-being. As a health care provider, you deserve a team with the expertise and skills to address different situations and your patients’ various needs.

2. Conduct a Quality-of-Service Survey

Another way health care providers can use care calls to conduct a quality-of-service survey. Our system will tally the answers and send the results to you. Our automated and live services are both available to collect data from your patients about the quality of service they received

To relieve your employees of this stress or burden, this can be an invaluable tool, saving you money by increasing productivity while allowing you to satisfy reporting requirements. You can customize these satisfaction surveys however you like and set them up on a fixed schedule at any time you choose.

3. Automated Call Recording Option With Live Operator to Follow Up

An automated call recording option is less expensive than an in-house system or placing the burden on your staff. With this service, all you need to do is provide the list, and our systems will handle the calls and give you the results. Though these calls happen automatically, you can still customize and personalize them to each of your patients’ needs.

Our system is simple – we will call your client and present a greeting they acknowledge. Clients who prefer to speak to a live operator can then choose this option to follow up with. Our live operators are accessible every day, 24/7. This system is unobtrusive to both patients and health providers. Customization allows for repeat calls, alternate numbers and delivery of success and failure messages. 

4. Daily Check-In Call

Conducting care calls can also benefit clients who need a daily check-in call, but cannot afford extra service. As the senior population in the U.S. continues to grow, more and more aging adults are living alone. 

Many of these seniors don’t have family members who live nearby and can regularly check on them to ensure their well-being. If a senior falls or has a medical emergency, they may not be able to reach out for help, and their plight might remain undiscovered until it’s already too late. 

A daily check-in care call can serve as a possible solution for those who are concerned about their well-being or that of an aging loved one. At TowneCare, a trained operator from our compassionate team can call to ensure the patient is OK. 

Along with a simple daily check-in, our representatives can engage seniors in a bit of friendly, uplifting conversation. For some, this call may be their only form of interaction with another person for the day, and it can significantly impact an aging adult’s physical and emotional well-being.

To implement a reliable, affordable telephone service into your practice, we are pleased to offer TowneCare for health care providers and patients who need it. 

5. Medication Reminders

Our operators at TowneCare can provide patients with timely reminders about medication needs. In health care, proactive customer service can be challenging for many providers. Despite a health care provider’s dedication and the availability of necessary technology, medical professionals continue to face obstacles when implementing a proactive health model. Working with us at TowneCare can help your clients remember to take their medication as needed.

Offering customer service through multiple channels, such as phone calls, text messages and emails, can also help with client retention and satisfaction. Keeping your patients informed about their progress and their treatment will improve your client loyalty and your bottom line, as your patients will feel valued and taken care of.  

6. Gather Specific Medical Questions

Our system can also gather answers to specific medical questions. For example, we can ask a patient what their glucose reading is today. This service is particularly helpful for patients who may have chronic conditions, are taking prescription medication or are recovering from surgery. We can then deliver these results to you.

7. Recap of Daily Calls

We can send you a recap of daily calls, with priority responses escalated. We receive the patients’ calls, and we will deliver the message to you. Along with providing a summary of daily calls to health care providers, we can also send daily or weekly email updates to designated contacts who have opted into your mailing list.

How Our Care Calls Work

Though many patrons of our care call service are adult children concerned for their aging parents, people in many other scenarios can take advantage of our service. For example, someone who works from home and lives alone may want someone checking in on them every day to ensure their well-being. 

Our clients also choose to use our services for reasons like these:

  • Recovery: If someone is recovering from surgery or has recently come home from a hospital or health care facility after receiving treatment, our care call service can provide them with a daily check-in call. Those on the patient’s contact list can receive a text or email notification that they responded.  
  • Chronic conditions: Those living with a chronic condition or who have a loved one managing a chronic condition can sign up for our care call service to ensure someone is checking in with them every day. If a patient needs to take medicine daily as part of their treatment, they can also sign up for medication reminders. 
  • Pet care: Pets are family members, too. Along with a patient’s care, a care call can alert them to the need to feed and look after their pets. Or potentially ensure that the pet is looked after should something occur.

Whatever your clients’ specific needs, our service can meet them. At TowneCare, we offer three types of calls – live care calls, automated care calls and check-in calls.

1. Live Calls

We want the best for our senior population. For busy families and those who don’t live nearby, it can be challenging to ensure their senior family members are doing well. Our live care calls can help. With these calls, our team of representatives can make daily reassurance calls to your clients. 

During these calls, we can provide reminders for:

  • Appointments
  • Medication
  • Meals

We can also speak with people about how they feel and what they plan to do for the day. If we can’t get in touch with your client, our team will reach out to another designated contact. Our live care calls give their families peace of mind, and anyone can appreciate talking with a compassionate professional who enjoys the work they do.

live care calls in healthcare

At TowneCare, we can customize our live care calls to meet your clients’ needs. A U.S. representative can call one to three times per day to perform a wellness check, provide reminders and engage them in everyday conversation. Whatever a client needs, our team can help. 

Our monthly plans for live care calls start at $35.95. Though our live call service has a higher price tag than our automated service, the service also offers patients a human connection that can be vital, both physically and emotionally. When an operator places a live wellness call, they can listen for signs of distress, disorientation or general unwellness. During a live call, our operators can connect with those who live by themselves and reassure them that they are not truly alone.

2. Automated Calls

We also offer an automated care call service. This service is for clients who don’t necessarily want to speak with a live operator, but who still want to be able to summon help if they need to. 

As there is no need for daily interaction with a live operator, clients who use this service can select the time of day when they receive a fast, simple check-in care call. Our TowneCare system will place automated calls to your clients at predetermined times. 

We take the following steps if a client does not answer this automated call:

  • If nobody picks up, our system can call back or try to contact a different number. 
  • If these calls are not successful, our system will try to reach their contacts. 
  • At this point, if our system’s efforts are still unsuccessful, an operator will get involved to try to reach the client one more time. 
  • If this call is unsuccessful, the operator will call the authorities to request a wellness check unless other prior arrangements supersede that decision.     

Clients who would prefer not to hear the phone ring can opt to receive a text or email message instead. Instead of answering a call, they can reply to the text or email and eliminate distractions and limit interruptions to their day. Like our automated call system, if a client doesn’t respond to us, we will attempt to call their contacts.

Our plans for automated care calls start at $19.95 per month with available customized schedules. Our packages for all our care calls range from a single call every day of the business week to three calls per day during each day of the week.

3. Check-In Calls

For those who want more flexibility in their call schedule and control over placing the call, our monitored check-in calls may be the right option. Without the need for interaction with a live operator, these user-initiated calls allow the person to select the window of time they wish to complete the call.

check-in calls for healthcare

If the client wants a check-in call at 9 a.m., for example, and agrees to a two-hour window, our system will monitor for a call between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. If this window of time closes without receiving a call, one of our operators will reach out. 

Our service uses caller ID and can list several numbers for a client, including home and cell, so they don’t have to worry about calling from the same number each time. All the client has to do is call and leave a message in which they state their name and status. 

Our plans for check-in calls start at $14.95 per month with available customized schedules.

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At TowneCare, we serve clients throughout the country who need medical center care calls. In 1954, we started a call center and answering services to serve medical clients and commercial clients, and many of those clients continue working with us today.

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We have implemented our latest generation of the computerized call center platform, allowing us to meet the needs of today’s customers. We’ve extensively protected our system with generators and backup systems to ensure we are always available when you need us. If you are a health care provider seeking care calls, contact us at TowneCare today for medical call center solutions.