Daycare Security Systems & Silent Alarms

Childcare Centers and Early Educational Facilities need to be prepared for special situations that sometimes may require the utmost in care.  Towne Monitoring is ready and able to help ensure that you are as ready as can be for those situations.

By deploying our Personal Emergency Response system in Silent Mode, we enable the staff to summon help while not alerting the individuals around them. 

How Our Child Care Security System Works

In this application, the PERS unit is set up to operate silently – there is no annunciation,  the operator cannot be heard, the unit makes no noiseHowever – the operator can listen in to what is happening.  If necessary, the operator can dispatch emergency services immediately or get in touch with designated individuals to inform them of the situation following a predetermined call escalation. 

help button

In Silent Mode, the PERS unit will dial out to our operations center and connect to an operator.  The operator will have all of your centers information on their screen.  No sound whatsoever will be made at your location.  However – the operator will be able to hear everything within the capability of the system microphone.  Acting upon what is heard, in accordance with your account pre-defined procedures, the operator can then summon help if needed.

The PERS unit consists of a base and a small pendant that can either be worn around the neck or wrist, or even Velcro-ed to the desk or wall. There is also the option of placing a HELP button somewhere inconspicuous.  When an emergency occurs an individual in duress can press one of the buttons and initiate a panic alarm.

towne monitoring help devices


Inexpensive, easy to install, easy to use – this is the perfect way to enable office staff, etc to quickly and quietly signal for help.  Units can accommodate up to 16 buttons in any combination allowing placement in key locations if required. The buttons have up to a 600′ range* from the base 

* Manufacturer states 600′-1000′, depending on conditions, building variables, etc.

Supported by our 24/7/365 Live operator staff, dispatch services are never far away if needed.  We can supplement your emergency safety and protection plans should the need arise – whether early in the morning or late in the evening, even around-the-clock if that’s what your operation requires.

Daycare Safety is #1

Staff and the children in their care can be at risk. Don’t risk anyone’s safety or let sudden emergency situations compromise your operation.

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