Independent Living

Facility Wellness Checks

Removing the Burden from Residents & Staff

There are options available from Towne Monitoring that can allow independence and freedom for your residents and at the same time reduce your facility staff burden and liabilities.  Towne Monitoring Service can partner with you to help provide those options for your residents and facility alike!  We’ll work with you to develop a customized and cost-effective plan that’s tailored to your facility and your operating procedures.

As one alternative to expensive in-house systems or tying up your staff (they have other things to do after all!), we offer for your consideration an advanced Automated Wellness Check call platform.

Perhaps your facility has the ‘door hanger’ system.  You know – the one where the residents hang a card on the door when they go to bed and take it in when they wake.

Or perhaps its the ‘leave the light on’ system, the one where unlike the famous motel, the resident turns out the light in the morning.  Or even the ‘door knock’ system – just like its sounds, residents knock on each others doors.

There Is An Easier Way

At Towne we have developed a system that’s a little automated, a little personalized, a little customized and a whole lot manageable and affordable.  Custom Wellness calls, placed to your residents, allows them to employ positive check in while being totally unobtrusive to both them and you.  Simply, at a pre-arranged time, our system will call your resident and present them with a greeting that they acknowledge.  Simple – but it’s really much, much more.

As with almost everything we do, our call system can be completely customized to function how your facility would like. Employ ‘Good Morning’ Calls, Medication Reminders, ‘End of Day’ Calls, ‘Lunchtime Reminders’ – anything you want to set up, at any time you want them to go.  For each resident it can look different.  Room 310 just needs a ‘Good Morning’ call (really, this is your Wellness Check) at 9am.  Room 201 likes to get an early start to the day and would like their ‘Good Morning’ call at 7am.  Room 103 forgets to come to lunch sometimes so you can set them up with a “Lunch Reminder’ at 11:30, with or without the ‘Good Morning’ call.  And Room 211 needs a reminder to turn on their oxygen before they go to bed – at 9pm.  All different messages, sent at different times to fit each residents need.

Facility Function Customization

Account customization can allow for repeat calls, introduction of alternate numbers, and delivery of success / failure messages.  We can call the room and if unsuccessful simply do it again after a pre-determined amount of time.  Still unsuccessful – try their cell phone possibly. Maybe try the room again. Still no response? Without delay we can then notify the appropriate staff to check on the resident.  Or involve on of our live operators to initiate a call.  We can Email success logs, or even send Secure Text message failures.  Options a plenty – we like options!

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