Home Healthcare Monitoring Services in PA and Beyond

Businesses that provide home healthcare to seniors need to ensure they can deliver prompt, reliable service to their clients. However, it’s not possible to be there around-the-clock to attend to their needs. Towne Monitoring Service offers comprehensive 24/7/365 homecare monitoring services that make the job of home healthcare providers so much easier while giving seniors and their loved ones greater peace of mind.

We Offer State-of-the-Art Home Health Monitoring Systems

Towne offers advanced senior home monitoring services and systems that seamlessly combine courteous and well-trained people with cutting-edge technology:

  • Personal Emergency Response Systems: A PERS is a small pendant that seniors can wear around their neck or wrist or attach to a belt. With a simple press of a button, they can provide immediate notification if they need assistance at any time of day or night.
  • Monitored Medication Dispensers: Many seniors face the challenge of juggling multiple medications. Towne can provide monitored medication units that automatically dispense the proper dosages at predetermined time intervals. This virtually eliminates the risk of missed doses or a potentially lethal mixing of medications.
  • Well-Check Calls: Our elder care monitoring services also include regularly scheduled telephone calls to check on the well-being of your clients. Our friendly operators possess the people skills that make the calls an enjoyable experience for your clients. More importantly, they will notify you instantly if something seems amiss.
  • Quality of Service Calls: We have both live and automated services available to enable collection of Quality of Service data from your clients.  This can be an invaluable tool to help you relieve stress on your employees, save money in terms of increased productivity and still be able to satisfy reporting requirements.   
  • GPS Tracking: Our GPS tracking service allows you to accurately pinpoint a senior’s location, which can prove beneficial for monitoring individuals with dementia or other cognitive disorders who may be prone to wandering from their residence.
  • Secure Text Messaging: Understanding the importance of remaining compliant with today’s increasingly stringent HIPAA standards, Towne can provide secure text messaging services that enable you to transmit PHI with no concerns about violating privacy guidelines.

Committed to Delivering Kind and Compassionate Senior Home Monitoring Services

Our operators are sensitive to the needs of your clients. We make a point of delivering the same professional and sympathetic service that you strive to provide to every senior under your care. Our goal is to act as an extension of your business so your clients we’ll feel as though they’re speaking with a direct employee of your organization.

Homecare Monitoring Services Backed by the Latest Technology

Our modern Souderton, PA, call center features advanced technology designed to enhance reliability and reduce the chance of system failure. We support our homecare monitoring systems with redundant power supplies and our use of multiple-route, multiple-vendor telecommunications lines provides extra protection against outages. No wonder we’ve been able to achieve and maintain an exceptional 99.999% uptime rate!

Give Towne Monitoring Service a ring at 215-703-6450 to contact us about our senior home monitoring services today!