Are you ‘ready’ for an Elevator call?

If your business or building has elevators, you are probably aware that elevator code requires that all elevator telephones be programmed to a number that is answered 24 hours a day with the capability of identifying the elevator location.

Inspectors will commonly test those phones by pushing the elevator call button and not saying a word.  Will your solution be up to the challenge?  We are!

Custom Elevator Monitoring Solutions Tailored to Your Building

Using the Caller ID associated with the elevator phone our call system instantly identifies the building, location, and elevator identity.  That call is recorded and time stamped, and our trained operator staff will work through your customized protocols to handle the situation.

Trained to handle both emergency and non-emergency situations, our operators are always here – 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year – and yes, even leap day.  There is never a time that we are not staffed and ready to respond.  Can you say the same about your current solution?

Why take the chance?  Trust in Towne to partner with you in order to meet your needs, satisfy regulations and protect your building occupants.

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