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Businesses and organizations that are responsible for the care and safety of large populations must implement the most stringent procedures to meet this daunting challenge. Towne Monitoring Service offers an assortment of affordable, cost-effective, custom monitoring services for businesses that can remove much of the burden from your shoulders. Our solutions provide a seamless integration of people and technology to give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing everything possible to keep everyone safe and secure.

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Home Healthcare Monitoring & Answering

If you administer home healthcare services to seniors, you understand the importance of being available whenever your clients need assistance. Our home healthcare services enable 24/7/365 monitoring and answering that will allow you to stay connected with your clients and detect early signs of potential trouble.

Examples of our home healthcare monitoring services include Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) that allow seniors to request immediate help during an emergency with a simple press of a button. We also offer monitored medication dispensers that can help seniors juggle multiple medications and prevent dangerous mixing and accidental overdoses. We’ll even make regular telephone “well-checks” to make sure all is well with your clients


Mass Notification Alert Systems 

TMS offers alert systems for businesses and facilities that enable mass notifications to large populations during an emergency. We feature advanced Express Message services that operate separately from your organization’s telephone and computer systems and don’t require an investment in additional hardware or equipment.

Our alert systems for businesses offer several options for contacting your designated groups during an emergency. Our text message service allows you to send texts at a rate of up to 10,000 per hour — an extremely effective mass communication tool when you consider that more than 90% of American adults own cell phones. Other available methods include phone calls and email notifications.


Independent Living Facility Monitoring

If you operate an independent or assisted living facility, staff shortages and other challenges can make it difficult to keep a close watch on residents at all times. Towne offers a complete array of business monitoring services we can tailor to meet the unique needs of independent living facilities.

As with our home healthcare services, we can provide PERS, telephone well-checks and monitored medication dispensers that will alleviate the burden on your staff and make it easier to manage your resident population. We also offer elevator monitoring — a required safety solution for multi-floor facilities — and disaster preparedness/mass notification services that reduce panic and promote an orderly evacuation during a disaster.

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