Here at Towne Monitoring we take the responsibilities that have been entrusted to us very seriously. Our specialists have been appropriately engaging in dispatching emergencies or contact notifications as each individual case may require. From Medical Emergencies and Elevator Entrapments, from everyday well check calls to complex scripts or Fire Calls and Burglar Alarms, we handle it all. We train our specialists in following account, company and industry protocols, so rest assured that your account will be handled promptly, courteously and efficiently. 

Every single one of our operators receives extensive testing and training – some of which happens before they even begin their job. Training consists of seat time with a trainer, followed by time spent “buddying”; a term we use to describe the period of time when the specialist has started to interact on their own, but yet not without immediate supervision. Even after a specialist “graduates” from training, we never stop evaluating and encouraging them to handle accounts professionally, cordially and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on not forcing our customers into a one-size-fits-all approach. We are uniquely able and willing to customize our system to fit your needs. Whether you desire a simple check-in call, or desire our specialists to be available to respond to personal and/or building emergencies in your facility, we are up to the task. We work hard to exceed your expectations.