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Customized Care Calls, Alarm Monitoring & Lone Worker Solutions for Businesses & Individuals

Towne has proudly customized solutions and yet maintained personalized service in all that we do.  For generations, we’ve served businesses and households locally and throughout the nation.

We’re thankful that our customers value responsiveness, reliability and dedication as much as we do. Our focus remains providing proactive customer service as your solution for customized communication.

Care Call Services


TowneCare is dedicated to making daily Well-Check Care Calls to make sure you or a loved one is safe and well. Whether you’re making arrangements for yourself or a family member, you can schedule up to three well-check calls per day. If we cannot reach our Care Call Client, we’ll then request a follow-up from one of the three contacts you provide when you set up your call schedule.

In addition, we have Monitored Check-In calls available for those who would wish to maintain a greater level of control over when they check-in, but still desire that someone can respond if a check-in is missed.

We can also incorporate reminders into our well-check calls for even greater convenience. Our well-check call packages are affordable and fully customize-able to suit your needs and preferences. 

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Elevator Monitoring

Towne Monitoring Service

Towne Monitoring Service provides custom elevator alarm monitoring services for a wide variety of applications. From facilities to businesses, residences to service companies, standard phone to video, we’re ready to respond to an elevator call any time of day or night. Give us a call or click below to learn more.  

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Alarm Monitoring Service

Towne Monitoring Service

Towne Monitoring Service provides custom alarm monitoring services for a wide variety of applications. From facilities to businesses, families, and individuals to partnerships with Home Health companies, we’re ready to respond to an alarm any time of day or night. We have backup systems in place to ensure we can monitor your home or business-our lights are always on even if yours are not. From home-based or mobile Personal Emergency Response Systems,  wearable technology, burglar or fire alarm monitoring, facility or group applications, or anything in between –, we’re up to the task 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Lone Worker Solutions

Towne Tracking Service

At Towne Tracking, we understand the importance of your lone workers’ safety. Real estate agents, remotely located employees and service workers are often on the road or work in conditions that could present safety hazards and concerns.
Our Mobile Emergency Alert Response System allows for a simple self contained stand alone cellular system to be worn or carried, allowing workers to request help or self alerting if a fall is detected.
Whether you’re tending to a child with special needs, a parent with memory challenges or a loved one who gets confused easily, our advanced, portable technology can help you know where they are at all times. When you can monitor your loved one’s movements on your smartphone or computer, you can enjoy greater freedom by using our 24/7 monitoring service.

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I am sure enjoying your service!  I can go 2 or 3 weeks without a call from someone other than SPAM.  I love getting your call every day! Read More

I have loved, loved, loved this service!  Thank you so much! Read More

I used to work in a customer service environment. I was the one counted on to communicate with our top customers. I have to say, what top notch customer service you have, seriously, top notch. I couldn’t word things any better even if I had a week to come up with a letter/msg to a one million dollar a month client. … Read More

I love having this service – thank you so much! Read More

This call means a lot to me – I just want you to know that. Read More

I appreciate this monitoring service very much.  Thank you for caring for me!
Editors note: Client is 93 years young and texting daily! Read More

My mom moved into an Assisted Living community today so we are ready to cancel the call service. We are so very thankful for your service as it helped us keep mom safe over this past year which is priceless.  Thank you so very much. It’s been our pleasure to work with you! Read More

I am very pleased with your service, and it definitely gives me peace of mind.  … Read More

I can’t say enough good things about Towne Monitoring Service! My mom relied on your services three to four times while she lived alone, and you were life savers! I will refer anyone who is in need of such monitoring services to your organization. Thank you so much for everything!! Read More

Btw – Thanks for the unparalleled customer service. Couldn’t recommend you more highly…… Read More

Simple –
…….your service is great! Read More

We have been so pleased with your service over the last 14 months…. Your team have become trusted friends to Dad. He looked forward to their daily calls while my husband and I were secure in the safety net that Towne Monitoring provided- they always reached out to us if he did not pick up. We are so grateful to have worked with you and your company. Read More

“Thank you for the program, it worked great for me!”  (Editors note: client moved in with family)… Read More

“I always sleeps good because I talk to you before I take my medicine ….. you calm me down and I am grateful for you!”… Read More

I must start with a compliment for your team’s service.  They are kind, consistent and thorough – and a big help to our family.  They know us by name!
Care Call Customer… Read More

We believe that Towne would be a good solution for us….. Read More

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